Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chicken Schnitzel

Last week, my mom came down to visit while my husband was out of town with his students on a field trip. I love having my mom stay with me. She is such a big help with Parker! She lives almost 3 hours away, which isn't way too far, but it's the farthest apart we've been.  Any chance to have her come down is fine with me!
Parker and "Paigey"
When my mom comes, she will cook dinner.  Everything I know, I learned from her!  This time, she made chicken schnitzel.  Growing up, this was a staple in my house. My grandmother is German, so we have a lot of German food. This chicken schnitzel is surprisingly easy to make, and tastes better than anything in a restaurant!
First, cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into smaller, thin pieces (two large chicken breasts will become 6 smaller pieces). Salt and pepper the chicken. Dredge the chicken in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs.  She used Panko breadcrumbs with Italian seasonings.
Brown the chicken in vegetable oil in a skillet heated to medium heat.  If it's browning too fast, turn the heat down.  If it's not browning fast enough, turn the heat up (we are very precise when it comes to our cooking techniques, can you tell?).
Once the chicken is golden brown, take it out of the oil and drain it on a paper towel. We ate ours with a spinach salad and mashed potatos.  It was a wonderful dinner! I can't wait until she can come visit again =)

Monday, April 8, 2013

PEP Talk- Month One

A friend of mine started something on her blog where she lets her baby boy "write" his own posts to update the world on how he's been and what he's been up to. Well, when Parker heard about that she demanded her own blog post as well! So here is Parker E. P0e's first P.E.P. Talk =)
Hello World! Parker E. P0e here (and I have been for a month now)!  The time sure has flown by! It has been a month since mom ever so kindly evicted me from my nice, warm world and introduced me to this one.  I was not so sure how I liked it at first. It's so big and bright! When mom and dad took me from the hospital, I was a little nervous.  They didn't quite look like they knew what they were doing.  They still look like that most days, but they're getting better.
So in my one month here, I have already had LOTS of experiences and met a TON of new people.  It's been fun matching faces to the voices that I had been hearing before I got here.  I even went on my first big car ride to visit mom's mom, my Paigey, for Easter.  She lives a few hours away, but I slept the whole ride up. I try to fight it, but the car gets me every time.
I also got to stay with Mrs. Marjorie and Mrs. Sybil one evening while mom and dad ran some errands and got some dinner. I wasn't nervous at all because Mrs. Marjorie is a pediatric nurse! What a great baby sitter! Mrs. Marjorie and Mrs. sybil have a cute little etsy shop called From Bham with Love that you should definitely check out. Mrs. Sybil and her husband Mr. Adam (also a pediatric nurse) are in the process of adopting a little girl from Bulgaria. All the profits from the etsy shop go toward bringing her home.  I hope they get to soon. I can't wait to meet my new friend!
I may still be really young, but I already know what I like.  Meet "Butterfly."  Butterfly is my friend.   Mom introduced me to him when I was two weeks old and looking incredibly bored.  I used to barely be able to swat at him, but since I have longer arms, and more control over them, now we have epic battles! I can hit him and pull on him and swing him back and forth.

Me and Butterfly
I was pretty intense during this play time!

I also have had several baths. This picture is from my first one. I wasn't so sure how I felt about it, but now it's part of my bedtime routine, and I fall asleep so well afterwards. You can't tell, but my towel's hood looks like a duck. 

 It has started warming up, so mom and dad have been taking me outside more.  I love to feel the breeze and the warm sunshine. I went to a friend's birthday party on my one-month birthday.  His name is AJ and he turned 2. His little brother, Eli, is only three days younger than me! I'm excited to be able to play with them when I get bigger.

I partied pretty hard.

Mom and Dad. Pretty good looking parents, I must say!

AJ and Eli with their parents

Probably the thing I liked the most was having my Paigey come and stay with mom and me for a week when Dad had to go back to work after Spring Break.  She helped mom a LOT, and made her feel not so nervous.  She really knows what she's doing!

Based on this picture, I know EXACTLY what I'll look like when I get older =)

My doctor says I am growing very well- 60-70th percentile all across the board! Mom keeps me well-fed, and I finally got my days and nights on track. Did you know that night time was for sleeping?? No one told me! (Sorry Mom and Dad!) But it's been better for everybody now that I've figured that out. I go back to the doctor when I'm two months old, just in time for my next post.  Until then, have a great April! I'm sure I will =)

Love, Parker

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Add a Splash of Color to Your Child’s Bathroom- Guest Post

Since I am still enjoying and getting used to life with my sweet baby girl, please enjoy this guest article written by Erin Alexandra of DIY Home and Floor
Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I am crazy about do-it-yourself projects when it comes to interior design. Working with Floor & Decor Outlets, I have developed a love for all things hands-on, and I know that beautiful interior design really can be accomplished without a huge cost to you. With that in mind, I maintain my own blog, diyhomeandfloor.com. I hope you find my post interesting and inspiring. If you'd like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you at diyhomeandfloor@gmail.com.
Add a Splash of Color to Your Child’s Bathroom


Transforming your child's bathroom into a fun and interesting place to be helps them to establish good hygiene habits for the future. Every surface in a bathroom can serve as a canvas for creativity; from the plain tile flooring to the blank ceilings above, you can create colorful tile mosaics that will brighten up the room and stimulate your child's imagination. 

What are Mosaic Tiles?


A mosaic tile is any type of tile that measures smaller than or equal to 2 inches. Typically made of glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone, mosaic tiles are usually mounted in sheets to make them easier to transport, organize and install. These convenient sheets of mosaic tile come in a large variety of colors and can be cut and customized to fit nearly any design.


Unlimited Potential

You don't have to be a trained artist to incorporate bursts of cheerful color into your child's bathroom d├ęcor. With a vast variety of colors available, your design possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Decorating with tile adds playful style elements and personality to your child's bathroom while still being functional and easy to clean. 


Fun Floors

Tile flooring is an ideal way to give any bathroom floor a neat and organized appearance, but that doesn't mean that the floor in your child's bathroom has to be boring or plain. Use colorful floor tiles to create useful paths, interesting patterns and playful borders that will excite your little ones.


Wonderful Walls

Whether you prefer the look of mosaic sheets, have a cute custom pattern in mind or want to create an elaborate tile mural, covering an entire wall with colorful wall tiles instantly makes a bathroom much more inviting to children. For more
wall tile ideas, you can always look through design magazines or websites.


Awesome Accents

Especially desirable in smaller bathrooms, accent walls are a fantastic way to add color to your child's space without overwhelming the room. Little recessed nooks, the wall space between the vanity surface and mirror and the wall behind the shower head are all great places to install vibrant glass mosaic tiles.



Bright Borders

Perfect for bathrooms used by older kids or shared between multiple children with differing tastes, creating a series of playful borders around the room is a little way to make a big impact. It may seem simple, but bright glass tile placed against white walls creates a striking contrast that draws the eye and is aesthetically pleasing. 


Crazy Ceilings

Cute tile flooring and fun wall tile designs are great ways to enhance a child's bathroom, but the ceiling offers potential that even professional decorators can overlook. The bathroom ceiling is a perfect place for a mural that will beckon to your child's imagination as they bathe or go about their daily routine. Draw out a pattern for a bright blue sky with white clouds or create a glass tile rainbow that stretches across the room!

Measure Twice, Cut Once

As with any other home improvement project, the key to achieving amazing results when working with glass mosaic tiles is to always double-check your designs and measurements before installation begins. Be sure to account for outlets, lights, permanent fixtures and all other objects while you're still in the designing stages. Whether you hired an experienced contractor or are doing the project yourself, it's essential to make sure that you've taken every element of the project into consideration.